Minneapolis, MN -(FirearmsGuide.com)- Viridian® Weapon Technologies has released a new REACTOR® laser sight designed exclusively for the Springfield Armory® XD-E™ 9mm compact pistol. Now available for purchase in green and red, the latest additions to Viridian’s REACTOR series include a bi-color battery indicator, multiple modes of operation, proprietary INSTANT-ON® technology and a microfiber, ambidextrous IWB holster.

The REACTOR R5 green laser is the ultimate targeting system customized for concealed carry pistols, including the Springfield Armory XD-E. Built to fit specific handguns, the green laser is extremely powerful and is up to 50 times brighter than red lasers. The REACTOR R5-R, the brightest red laser on the market, offers similar performance for the budget-conscious gun owner.
Each REACTOR laser and accompanying holster is equipped with Viridian’s patented INSTANT-ON technology, ensuring that the laser activates automatically when the gun is drawn. This means that the split-second the gun clears the holster, the INSTANT-ON system ignites the brilliant laser in one reflex-fast move.
“Viridian is proud to include a gun-specific holster with every REACTOR laser, and we’re excited to bring that added value to XD-E owners everywhere,” said Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen. “Plus, this is the industry’s first and only trigger guard-mounted laser sight built specifically for the XD-E. As first to market, our new REACTOR model will give Springfield Armory customers yet another dependable sighting solution.”
Viridian REACTOR laser and holster systems are now available for the Springfield Armory XD-E and XD-S®. To see a full list of REACTOR laser sights designed to fit popular gun models, please visit ViridianWeaponTech.com/REACTORS.