Tucson, AZ -(FirearmsGuide.com)- Safari Club International, the world’s largest organization for protecting hunters' rights and promoting wildlife conservation now offers Firearms Guide DVDs and Flash Drives in their web shop.

50,000 SCI members from 170 chapters across the globe can now buy Firearms Guide from the SCI web shop here: http://dev.safariclub.org/shop/home-gifts/firearms-guide/
We have no doubt that SCI members that are passionate hunters will love Firearms Guide.  After all, they will now be able to research and compare thousands of hunting rifles, shotguns and handguns from several hundreds of manufacturers and custom gun makers from the US, England, Scotland, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany and other countries. It is well known that Firearms Guide presents custom hunting guns costing up to $1,000,000 with incredible high-resolution pictures and tech specs, prices and features. If SCI members want to buy or sell any gun from their collection it is good to know that they will be able to find gun values of their guns with 100%-30% condition ratings in Firearms Guide, because we are also a gun value guide.  Additionally, with the new Firearms Guide they will have over 6,800 hi-res zoom able and printable gun schematics for antique and new guns.
Visit theSCI web site and inform yourself about SCI activities, how to become a member, register for SCI’s annual hunters convention in Las Vegas (Jan 31-Feb 3rd 2018) and about upcoming SCI events in your state or country at: https://www.safariclub.org