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1. Searchable Reference Guide of antique and modern firearms, airguns and ammo.
Over 67,000 guns and ammo from 1,000 manufacturers from 52 countries.

All 7 groups: Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Automatic Military guns, Black Powder guns, Air guns and Ammunition. Tactical semi and full auto guns included.

Models presented with tech-specs, features, prices, values, ballistics and up to 12 high-resolution zoom able color pictures (resolution up to 4000 x 1640 - over 45,000 hi-res pictures).
Full search ability with 14 search criteria for complex searches and fast, precise results.
Save your search results. Side-by-side comparison of guns in any caliber.

2. Gun Value Guide - Gun values and prices of antique and modern guns.
Based off of the 100% - 30% condition ratings. Find values of your guns.

3. Gun Schematics Library - Access to 6,800 printable gun schematics, parts lists and blueprints.
For antique and modern guns. Print as many as you like. Zoom in to see every detail.

4. US-EU Ammo Caliber Chart - cross reference of standard and metric calibers linked with our Ammo section
   650 Printable Targets - Zombies, Silhouettes, Crosshairs, Animals....
   26 updates a year - covering new guns, more antiques, updated prices and values.


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